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Web Hosting TsoHost Review

If you are looking for a new home for your existing business site or if you are just delving into online business, it is important to have a business hosting plan that fits your needs and can continue to do so in the future. TsoHost promotional code for Business Hosting plans focused on providing affordable UK based hosting provider and TSOHOST email solutions for business who desire the full functionality on a small budget.

There are many benefits to purchasing a business hosting plan, even if you do not particularly need all the features associated with one. With TsoHost Business Hosting plans, you will get a great deal of features that are necessary to doing business online. These features range from free shopping carts, applications for business use, mailing list software, SSL certificates, and unlimited databases. Site promotion tools are included in business hosting plans which can be very useful in getting your site listed on popular search engine. TsoHost offers two Operating System options for their Business Web Hosting supported either Linux and Windows. On Linux you are given access to a cPanel account to administrate and manage your business hosting account just like you would with a standard Linux hosting account. On Windows business hosting, you are provided with access to a Plesk control panel account. Both are in same price for Business Web Hosting at only £19.99 per month TsoHost promotional codes.

If you want to keep track of your site statistics, business hosting plans offers more site analysis tools that can give you a very good idea of your site’s popularity. This is very important for sites that need to track promotional campaigns, click-throughs and other aspects of traffic that need to be analyzed. Domain aliases are another feature is typically included. This means that you can have several domain names or variations of your domain name that all point to one location. Instead of having to park multiple domains, you can have them all point to the same location, saving you money with TsoHost promotional code.

Moreover, TsoHost business hosting plans is first to offer the latest technical strategies the 100% Uptime SLA, and they have become a leader in Business Web Hosting in the hosting market. Unlike other web hosting companies claim to offer such an SLA without the technology to truly achieve it, and they basically rely on luck and minimal SLA claims in order to offer it. TsoHost will compensate customers with one months Free Hosting if they have even a minute of downtime in any calendar month. 100% uptime is the technique of having a backup server available for immediate deployment for each business hosting server. The data on the main server and the slave server is always in sync, meaning that if the main server was to go down, the slave server would automatically come into play with all the data of the main server intact. Both servers will also share the same IP addresses, meaning that if the main server goes down all the IP addresses assigned to it will be automatically picked up by the slave server. So, in practice if the main server was to go down, you as the business customer wouldn’t know since all the data is kept in sync between the both servers. With TsoHost install WordPress just in one click.

Sign up for hosting in the UK plan from Tso Host at £19.99 per month only! You can rest assured to host your online business with TsoHost Business Web Hosting with a 100% Uptime SLA offers. If you are individual who wants to be guaranteed a high amount of uptime, you should try either a VPS or dedicated server since in most cases.

As we all know, TsoHost hosting is one of the popular web hosting providers in UK. TsoHost Linux hosting is the most cost-effective hosting solution as one user can host multiple hosting account. Using the most popular cPanel control panel that include Softaculous, along with support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, PhpMyAdmin, Servlet/JSP Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, Site Builders, unlimited add-on, unlimited subdomains, unlimited parked domains and shared SSL. But if you are running ASP.net or any applications that support Window, you should go for TsoHost Windows hosting plans.

Regardless of what needs of your website, TsoHost has several plans to choose from. For Linux hosting plan, Tso Hosting has total of five Linux cPanel hosting plans, and they are copper, bronze, silver, gold, platinum plan. The cheapest for Tso would be the copper plan for £2.50 per month only that comes with 200MB disk space and 2GB monthly bandwidth. Let’s say, If you are running a big size of website that require more resources and faster speed of bandwidth. TsoHost Linux Platinum cPanel hosting is the right choice for you that has the most resources which provided by TsoHost hosting. TsoHost Linux Platinum cPanel hosting £6.67 per month offers 10GB disk space memory and 100GB monthly bandwidth with cPanel control panel. For a linux web host, TsoHost has the extremely fast MySQL connections with 100GB of bandwidth and the amount of space has 10GB disk space for large files.

If your current website hosting plan is already exceed the limit, TsoHost Linux Platinum cPanel hosting is the most recommended for you to upgrade from your existing hosting plan. Most of our TsoHost customers has giving a lot of good comments with good hosting experience on hosted website at TsoHost Linux Platinum cPanel hosting. So far, we are well impressed with the service too. TsoHost have managed to assist me in getting our web design business off the ground in its first year of growth and now find that is getting more strength. This is really a great value for money hosting package. Many different website hosting hosted on my Platinum package. TsoHost provides excellent 12/7 customer support and great uptime guarantee.

For more saving, you can use our TsoHost coupon code “TsoHost” to get one-off 10% discount of your TsoHost Linux Platinum cPanel hosting. Copy it and paste to the Promotional Code box to activate the TsoHost discount. One year plan for TsoHost Linux Platinum hosting plan is £6.67 per month. But If you are sign up for 2 years plan, you can enjoy extra save with only £6.46 per month only, and £155.00 Biennually. After 10% discount, you are paying for £145.00 only!

TsoHost hosting offers load balanced web servers and MySQL servers. TsoHost hosting use multiple apache servers and high configuration’s quad core xeons for MySQL. No matter how fast the servers are, the greed for more speed does not come to a halt. How to make the TsoHost Web Servers load faster? Here is some few tips that you should pay attention to. With a correct hardware equipments and the recommended procedures, users can speed up the servers.

First, it is one of the most important to do is to upgrade the hardware to replace your existing hardware such as a better and faster hard disk or upgrading the RAM. Try to get RAM with high clock speed and data transfer rate for a significant performance boost. This can indeed make your web server faster. Another thing to increase your web servers speed which is cache settings, there are multiple things can be cached on a web server, includes the sites as well. Enable caching is a must, this will allow files cached in the system, it would take much lesser time to get loaded the next time they are assessed, as compared to the one’s that are newly assessed.

Have you ever de-activating the not important services? This is also quite important because there may be some services that are still running even when the server is in the idle state. Such processes would not only consume RAM but might add to the CPU cycles as well. So, de-activating the servers can further add to the seeding the server up. Compiling applications from the source, it can optimize the services and applications so that it they get compiled at source instead from the generic binaries can help you increase the speed of your web server. Last but not least, it is recommended to optimize your web server and the database server on a regular basis. This would help the web-apps. To operate faster and at a much efficient manner. Hope it can be helped to reduce load time of this web server by about 70% on average.

TsoHost web hosting provides a comprehensive hosting solution to your online needs. TsoHost web hosting plans include TsoHost reseller hosting, TsoHost dedicated server, TsoHost semi-dedicated server, TsoHost VPS hosting Linux/Windows, backup plans and more. Use TsoHost coupon to get 10% recurring discount of your selected web hosting. The TsoHost Promotional Code is MY10DIS. Just key in the code during your check out and it’ll automatically deduct from the total of your hosting order. There is few payment methods on TsoHost web hosting, you can make payment via Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Paypal, or Moneybookers.

Moneybookers is most likely same to the Paypal, you can pay it via Moenybookers for all TsoHost hosting services including TsoHost Dedicated Servers as well. It is one of the secure way to make your payment over the Internet. Moneybookers is free to join for everyone, the Moneybookers account is Merchant Verified, you can add fund to your moneybookers account with your Credit/Debit card, or transfer money from your bank account from virtually anywhere in the world.

To pay via Moneybookers, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:-

1. First place an order from our website.
2. Select Moneybookers payment option on the payment page.
3. You will then be forwarded to Moneybookers secure site to complete the payment.

Even if you do not have a Moneybookers account, you can still place an order by bank transfer, credit/debit cards, or Paypal.

Are you running online store or any E-commerce web hosting UK ? At TsoHost web hosting, you can find the best and affordable business web hosting with 100% uptime guarantee. Many web hosting companies offer such a guarantee without the technology to truly achieve it but TsoHost can achieved this 100% uptime guarantee. TsoHost have the mirroring solution with FAM and RSYNC modules in order to achieve the great uptime of their Business Web hosting.

Each TsoHost Business Web hosting account runs on two high configuration servers, located in two different racks. One of these servers is set as the master server and another is set as the slave server with running Dual Quad Core Xeons and each has at least 12 GB of RAM memory. The process of data transfer over the internet is fast and immediately moved as all websites hosted in TsoHost UK server web hosting runs on the master server and any files which get modified are flagged by FAM and then FAM requests RSYNC to transfer the files to the slave server.

TsoHost is one of the reliable web hosting which you can host your website without any worried. TsoHost Business Web hosting offers feature rich application that your need for your online business website such as Email accounts, Fantastico, FTP manager, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, Ms Access, ASP.NET and etc. Linux or Windows OS options are available for you to choose from and 24 x 7 friendly technical support. As the price of TsoHost Business Web Hosting as low as £19.99 per month only. For order, you can click TsoHost.com and use TsoHost coupon to save a 10%recurring discount.

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